The origins of the Santucci Group date back to 1950, year in which a small artisanal workshop, bearing the name of its owner, opens for business in Carrara. The Santucci Armando Company, specializing in fine stone working, is thus officially born.

The company is immediately noted for its swiftness in delivering quality finished products, and in subsequent years constantly increases its production capacity, which allows to meet the demands of foreign customers

A passion for the stone industry and a keen eye for the smallest details lead to ever-growing collaborations with some of the most recognizable names in architecture and design, and thanks to the expert craftsmanship in sourcing and shaping an ostensibly vast array of materials, the company acquires a steadily mounting success.

In 1995, the Santucci Graniti is formed, with the aim of producing and delivering stone slabs. This company, having as its basis the extensive knowledge of natural stone acquired during the cut-to-size trade, also has an American branch officially registered in the U.S.A.

Nowadays, the Santucci Group is staffed by a total of 60 employees, and occupy a gross space of 15000 square meters of stocking areas, divided between three different locations in the province of Massa – Carrara, Italy. The actual production capacity is attested at 1400 square meters per day, including both slabs and cut-to size products.